Welcome on www.ThaiOrchids.com, your Orchids Exporter, Orchid Plants Wholesaler loc. in Thailand - Your Orchids Wholesale Source for High quality Orchids from Thailand.

Feel free to browse our collection of Thailands finest Orchids and also other species we trade Wholesasle based in our  Wholesale Orchid Online Shop, place and Orchid Wholesale Order at us is quite simple. You Create an account and you place the orchids you want in the basket and are able to pay the flowers over a Paypal link or over wire transfer after we created the invoice incl. the Air Cargo and verification cots for the Orchids Wholesale Order.. Please note nothing is ordered at this moment, we will first checking the detailed AIR freight Costs for you and create and Invoice for the whole Order, incl. Shipping costs from Thailand, paper work etc. This Invoice will be our offer. Of course you are able to place an Orchids Wholesale Order by FAX thoo, for more details please click HERE.


We are Specialized in Exporting Orchids from Thailands most professional running Farms, the positive side effects if choosing us as your partner on Thailands Orchid Market:


·      Strict 3 Step quality control  1) while we choosing your Orchids at various Orchid farms in Thailand are contracted to us, are a part of our Orchid Wholesale Network. 2) the moment the orchids arrives in our packaging- stocking station in middle Thailand and 3) before our professional trained Team pack the Plants / Flasks save for the Orchid export process. You ever heared about low quality orchids from Orchid Wholesalers in Thailand? This won’t happen with us !  

·      Friendly and always available Support before, while and after the placed Orchids Wholesale Order.

·      The best is good enough , only the highest quality of Thailands Orchids chosen on various Farms in Thailand to ensure always the best quality get delivered out to our clients, cooperating Orchid Wholesalers or Import-/ Exporters, we have only experienced stuffers, some of our Younger students work in best Orchid labs in Bangkok s Agricultural University’s. Also we are proud to have Agents are talking German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Mandarin.

·      We Trade certificated (Certificate of Origin) Orchids from Thailand only, of course we only work with officially Thailand gov. licensed Orchid farms but we even go further, we are proudly call us green Orchid Wholesale supplier and call our Orchids Green since over 60 % of our farms are mostly organic grown we are the Thailands only Green Orchid Wholesaler. Our Farms work over low Nutrients, gain energy over solar-cells, every farm only works with long-term stuffer contracts and not over under-payed “season” Workers or even Kids.

·      Our Stuffers owe many decades of experience in production, Export and professional packaging of orchid wholesale orders

·      Only the most succeed Farms are working with us in cooperation or are a part of our Orchid Wholesale Network .

·      In 2010 we realized  an Orchids export Volume of around 300.000 Orchids to the German Orchid  Wholesale market and served many clients in other European countries as well as worldwide and today we are proud to call ourselves one of Thailands most famous Orchid Wholesale Distributors.


ThaiOrchids.com is Orchids Wholesaler for the following Species Phalaenopsis,Dendrobium, Oncidium, Cattleya, Vanda, Mokara, 
and Aranda orchids for Wholesale prices. Flasks, seedlings, medium-size and pre-finished 
(ready to spike) orchids are available. Some governments allow the importation of Thailands orchids in flasks only - 
please check with your local Agriculture Ministry or Department for more details on the Orchid Wholesale Export Process.

Minimum Orchid Wholesale Order Sizes


Seedling Size

Blooming Size


1,000 Orchids each

200 Orchids each


1,000 Orchids each

100 Orchids each


100 Orchids each

50 Orchids each


Min Order Plants / Orchids

Orchids in Bloom:     600 plants per Orchids Wholesale Order

Seedling Size     :  1,500 plants per Orchids Wholesale Order

Orchids in Flask  :      90 Flask  (20 / Species min.)


Minimum Orchid Order Value
US$ 1000.-  

All Orchid Wholesale prices are visible on this Page are quoted for F.O.B. Bangkok, Thailand.

We are happy to serve our Customers needing’s with our Years of experience in doing Orchid Wholesale in Thailand, Export Orchids worldwide to Customers in smaller and very large quantities. We are Orchid Wholesaler and Exporter understand the needing’s of the customers my Trading in over 12 countries Worldwide, by Export Orchids from Thailand to Germany in 2009 in a volume of 0.6 M USD



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